We may not be the biggest newspaper around, but we’re making a huge impact – the Spanish newspaper with the largest distribution & readership in all of Ontario!
Compra Y Venta is a free weekly Newspaper that has been catering & providing free classified ads & services to over 500,000 Spanish speaking individuals in the Latin community of Ontario.  It has been well established & rooted in the heart of Toronto for the past 15 years.
Spanish or English, it doesn’t matter!  An increasing number of English speaking companies are becoming aware of how effective Compra Y Venta is.  Day by day we are realizing that more and more people are interested in saving dollars – that is why we believe that our readers, as well as our advertisers, should always get exactly what they need at the lowest price possible.  If you are buying or selling something, we’re your paper!
Designed and edited to appeal to busy, on the go, active people of all ages, the newspaper’s colorful mix includes a well organized abundance of classified ads, entertainment, events, as well as a selection of puzzles & horoscopes giving Toronto’s Spanish community everything they need right at their fingertips.
Over the past 15 years, it’s become clear that one of the main reasons readers choose Compra Y Venta is because our Newspaper is the highest distributed newspaper of its kind in the GTA and surrounding areas.  We are currently distributing to over 600 pick-up locations scattered in & around the GTA.  Today, our paper can be found not only in Latin stores, but as well in many bigger chains such as No Frills, Dominions & the majority of large shopping centers.  Our paper is everywhere!

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